Don’t hurt its legs!

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There was a shriek from the bathroom this morning. The little lady had discovered a ‘tarantula’ in the bath. “It’s that big” she says, holding hands out that would easily encirle a dustbin lid (the old-fashioned corrugated type, not a wheely bin). The offending creature was, in fact, about an inch wide. Anyway, I ejected the helpless thing out of …

Natasha Richardson.

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I’d never heard of her until three days ago. She’s headline news today after dying following a skiing accident. Now that’s awful and tragic news, no doubt about it. But should it be the leading story? I think not! After a few seconds research on Google, I found out that dozens of people a year die on slopes in the …

Gissa job!

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Well, today was my last day in my present job. I have been made redundant. I have known for a few weeks, having worked out my notice. So have the bosses who made the decision. Neither of them are here today to say a simple “thanks and good luck”. Nor did they find time to say it before today. I …

Wank word!

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Tuesday’s wankword: Buzzword. There seems to be a pattern emerging here. To make a wankword, you just add two normal non-wankwords together. Perhaps you could add two or more wankwords together to make a super-wankword. I’ll try and make some of my own up and see if I can get people using them.

Wannabe American?

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Why do ordinary (i.e. English, not American) people sing in American accents? Geordies, Brummies, carrot crunchers, cider drinkers, all of ’em. They all have almost indecipherable lilts to their voices when speaking, yet when they sing they magically attain an American accent. The only exceptions I can think of is the lovely Cerys Matthews, boyo, and that geezer out of …

Wankword obsession?

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Help! It seems as though I’m becoming wank-word obsessed. I’m listening out for them all the time now. I think I may be developing a wank-word problem. Where do I go? Wankwordaholic’s anonymous? Anyone have their number? Anyway, in my quest to discover more wankwords, I stumbled upon another chap’s blog post about tips on things to avoid when writing …