About BoldBelvoir

Originally born on Pluto, I came to Earth age 7 and have been here ever since because the starter motor failed on my flying saucer. Have you ever tried to get spares for a Phase V Mk.II Pan-Galactic X-Type Planet Cruiser from the local Ford garage? Jeez!

Since I’m stuck here, I make the best out of it by drinking lots of your Earth-beer and generally Earth-people watching (you sure are funny mo-fo’s). I’ve decided to write some of my observations here for your entertainment.

About the site

This site serves no other purpose than to host my blog, some photo’s and a couple of my other websites. If people visit, stay a while and like what they see, then that’s great. I’m not gonna dance about it though.

If you do see any post you particularly like or dislike, then please feel free to leave a comment. Don’t get a crab on if I ignore you though. Which I probably will. Or not.

Any other stuff

There is no any other stuff. Even though the headline says any other stuff. Which there isn’t. Honest. Well, there might be later, but not at the moment. So don’t bug me.