Bloody bees!

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There has been a recent report by scientists about the alarming drop in the number of the bee population. The reason for the demise of bee colonies, they say, is unexplained. Well, they haven’t looked very far. For I can reveal today where all the bees have disappeared to.

Now the warmer weather is coming, I have started opening the conservatory doors out onto the garden so I can enjoy the fresh air of a spring day. Within 30 seconds of opening the doors, a bee has magically flown in and is buzzing around the windows, unable to find the exit – how come they find their way in so easily but can’t get out? Another mystery for scientists.

Anyway, this happens every time the doors are opened. As the things are too thick to get out, they buzz themselves silly until they’re lying belly up on the window sill, getting frazzled by the sun. So my conservatory is a mass bee cemetery and that’s where they’ve gone to. Simple, really.

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