Boys With Toys.

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I recently had what I thought was a great idea for a screenplay for the TV. The synopsis went something like this;

A National publically-owned, internationally-renowned broadcaster puts an ad out for a presenter of a long-running program called ‘Twatty Boys Play With Toys’.

Job description: Idiot required to replace another idiot who recently had a massive accident, resulting in brain injury and many months of hospitalisation.
Salary: c500k pa.
Duties: Will include driving custom-made vehicles that have no business being on roads or racetracks in the most dangerous and irresponsible fashion possible.
Goals: To amuse other big kids and franchise the programme worldwide so that we can all get minted together.

They get one application from an ex-sportsman, life skills: Throwing, hitting and catching balls.

The chap is duly employed and, sho as eggs is eggs, he has a horrific accident.

But the broadcaster does the chap right by publically apologising for the accident and giving him a massive multi-million pound payout.

I wrote the script, read it through and thought no, it’s too unbelievable.

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