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So, after his miraculous recovery from being stabbed in the stomach last week (which in 24 time is about 15 minutes ago), Jack finds himself in the hands of the Russian arms dealers.

They hang him up by his wrists to a water pipe and start torturing him by repeatedly sticking electrodes in the knife wound he sustained a few minutes ago. He remains conscious, of course, and after about the tenth shock he obviously gets pissed off with it and, using only his legs, overpowers the bloke with the electrodes and sees how he likes some of his own onions.

After just one shock, the bad guy is unconscious and without being heard Jack kicks the water pipes down with his bare feet, frees himself and is able to keep on shooting people.

I half expected him to break out into the Black Sabbath song… “I am Iron Man“… Daaaa Daaaa da da da, da da da da da da daa, daa daa daa!

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