BB’s Shit List, Pt.5


  • Toilet RollPeople who use the phrase “Listen up”. What the fuck does that mean?.
  • People who say “Can I get” when the really mean “Can I have”. No, you can’t. Fuck off.
  • People who call the well-known pub chain ‘Witherspoons’. It’s Wetherspoons. Always has been. Get it right.
  • People who pay a premium for washed vegetables and then still peel them.
  • People who hang washing out on the line to dry and then put them in the tumble drier after to ‘air off’. WTF?
  • People who choose an email address such as joe.blogs1976@… because they can’t be arsed to think of a more inventive name other than the ones offered.
  • Seeded buns. All the little bleeders fall off before they get to your gob anyway. What’s the point?
  • Alan Carr. Nob.
  • Christmas. Pah!