Boys With Toys.

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I recently had what I thought was a great idea for a screenplay for the TV. The synopsis went something like this; \\A National publically-owned, internationally-renowned broadcaster puts an ad out for a presenter of a long-running program called ‘Twatty Boys Play With Toys’. Job description: Idiot required to replace another idiot who recently had a massive accident, resulting in …

Late arrival? Certainly, Sir!

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Of the last few flights I’ve taken, they all seem to have been late by a prescribed amount, around twenty minutes or so. And, like that traffic blockage ahead that we’ve all sat in and once it’s cleared there’s no accident or apparent reason for it, late flights are much the same (to this layman at least). Our recent flight …

Zombie City

The end of the World, as we know it?

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…so go the lyrics of the REM song. It’s a long time since I’ve posted on this blog, so I thought I’d do an update now I’ve a bit of time owing to the enforced ‘holiday’ most of us are having at the moment. Surreal times indeed! Who’d have thought, only a month ago, that most of the world would …

By gum, they’ve finally got it!

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Well, I noticed a lot of the press reported last week about local councils getting together to persuade the multi-million pound chewing gum industry to help clean up its own filth from our town’s streets. I had a moan about this on this blog nearly four years ago. Finally, someone’s caught on! It ain’t gonna make any difference though. Apparently …

New cooker hood

Standard fitting? My arse!

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So, the extractor hood in the kitchen dies. Off we go down to the electrical store to get a replacement. There’s a nice shiny replacement available for a reasonable price. On the box it says ‘Standard Fitting’, which I naïvely mistook for ‘old hood comes down, new hood goes in its place’. But no. Now, if I’d been writing the …

Tracking useless!

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I have just been on the Royal Mail web site to track a parcel that was dispatched two days ago. I enter my ’13 character reference number’ as asked, and hey presto! It comes back with “Recorded Signed For™ items are only tracked after the item has been delivered.” After it is delivered? What kind of fucking tracking system is …