I don’t get it…

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…trick or treat that is. Can someone tell what’s in it for me? Kids come round knocking on the door and announce ‘trick or treat’. If I say ‘treat’, I have to give them something – I lose. If I say ‘trick’, they play a prank on me – I lose. How fucking fair is that?

Can someone explain the logic of this? I know t-or-t came over from the states, but the origins of it were that the poor used to beg at the doors of the wealthy and, in return for food, would pray for the giver’s dead relatives. Fair play, I can understand that. But how did we get to the nonsense we have now? What kind of morals are the kids going to have when they grow up if we allow them to go knocking on doors, demanding treats with threats?

I’m going to start a new ‘tradition’ where adults go round knocking on doors and when kids answer, they say ‘kick up the arse or kick up the arse?’. I think it could catch on.

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