The Elbow Room, Hinckley

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A venue that every craft beer geek should visit.

A great afternoon spent in the Elbow Room @elbowroomalehouse in Hinckley yesterday, attending their ‘Renewal Fest’. Friendly owner, knowledgable barkeeps, awesome homemade scotch eggs and free jelly beans. Oh, and the beers weren’t half bad either!

A mega beer list from some stunning US breweries, including Beer Tree, Branch & Blade and Mortalis.

Beers tried:

1. Mortalis – Hydra 7.0% (Pink guava, mango & pineapple sour) Tap

2. Beer Tree – Mosaic Sunset Gen II 6.7% (NEIPA) Tap

3. Drowned Lands – Wall Kill 7.0% (Strawberry & rhubarb sour) Tap

4. WeldWerks – Extra Juicy bits 8.6% (Double NEIPA) Tap

5. Froth – Liquid RAD Lollipop 6.5% (Raspberry, blackberry & marshmallow sour) Can

6. Tree House – Breakfast Juice 9.0% (TIPA) Can

7. Great Notion – Blueberry Muffin 6.0% (Fruit sour) Can

8. Great Notion – JB 8.2% (Double NEIPA) Can

Beer of the day – Beer Tree Mosaic Sunset. Three new breweries added to my list, namely Beer Tree, Drowned Lands and Froth. Was it expensive? Certainly. Was it worth the money? Hell yeah!

A cracking venue, highly recommended

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