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fireworksThe Council switched the Christmas lights on this week. And a bloomin’ good show they put on too, with a gigantic TV screen in the Market Square and fireworks – lots of ’em. I watched them from my bedroom window. BOOOOOOOOOM – Aaaaah! BAANNNNG!!! – Aaaaha! SWOOOOOSH, KABUUUUUUUUM – Oooooooooooh! I love fireworks. However, these things come at a price. Now I don’t know how much the show cost to put on this year, but I would guess about £10,000, maybe even higher.

I’ve been out of work for just over eight months now, and money is getting a bit tight. I can’t get any help, because the missus is working. Not even Council Tax rebate. I’ve made my redundancy money, just short of £3,000 last for eight months. So by a simple calculation, if the fireworks cost 10 Grand, that would have paid my bills for nearly 27 months.

It puts my meagre little existence into perspective really, doesn’t it?

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  1. Becareful what you say about our great council or you my find the do cut back in spending and that may mean no beer festivals subsidy

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