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When Will We Learn?

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Watching the troubling, distressing and very worrying news from the Ukraine on TV in the last couple of days, I can’t help wondering ‘When will we learn?’

Invasions of entire Nations, certainly in modern history, don’t work. Just look at Germany & Japan in WWII, Iraq in Kuwait, and more recently the US/UK in Afghanistan. All failures. I won’t drone on and pretend to know all the details and technicalities of why wars start and how they are won and lost. I’d just like to know why we don’t learn from history.

Most creatures on this Earth (us included) are fiercly terratorial. It’s in our nature. Call me naïve, but I’d like to think that, as a speices, humans can rise above this and strive for cooperation, peace and prosperity. Doesn’t the World have more pressing issues to worry about, such as not having a planet to fight over at all if we don’t do something about the climate, overpopulation and food shortages.

I despair for the future.

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