24 nit pick

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Well, Jack was right, as usual. That psycho bird who he said was unstable did in fact flip and stabbed the baddy – the only lead they had, by the way (what’s the chances of that happening on 24?) – about twenty times with a six-inch blade. When good ol’ Jack tried to stop her, she gave him some too, right in the stomach. Now I’ve never been stabbed before, but I bet that shit really wokkas and of course he fell to the floor. You would, wouldn’t you?

Another baddy comes in the room to see what the fuss is all about and less than ten, yes TEN, seconds after he has been stabbed Jack has knifed one baddy in the throat and shot at least a couple more. He patches up the wound with a bit of cotton wool and plaster and two minutes later he’s walking round like new. What a fucking soldier.

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