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Well, it’s a bit complicated. but this terrorist wanted to blow someone up who was in hospital. So he gets into the building wearing a bomb vest, but he’s sussed by the good guys and they transmit a blocking signal so he can’t explodipate himself with its trigger. Should have been a wired system mate – much more reliable.

Anyway, plan foiled, they chase each other Benny Hill style around the hospital and the baddy corners himself into a pressure chamber which he locks himself into to give him time to rewire the vest, enabling him to explodipate himself manually so the cops can’t take him alive. I told you it was complicated. Wake up and keep with it.

So, they estimate they’ve got maybe twenty minutes to get into the chamber before he’s able to blow himself up. It’s 1″ thick steel, but they can’t drill through in time. Ooooh – what to do?

Well, this is where my training as a pressure vessel designer comes in.  Simply by adjusting the pressure and/or gas mixture in the chamber, they could have rendered the bady unconcious in less than five minutes.  Nobody in the hospital or any of those clever FBI bods thought of it. They should have rung me.

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