24 nit pick

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Woohoo! The waiting is over. Jack’s back and 24 has exploded back on to our television screens. I say exploded – It was more of a phhhhhht! really. A bit like a wet trouser cough. Only more violent.

Anyway, within the first ten minutes there was a firefight in the middle of L.A. involving three blokes using automatic weapons. Street sprayed with bullets, one chap shot in the shoulder, one smashed up car, loads of noise, blood and pain. No bystanders saw or heard anything. Well, if they did, the dimwits didn’t think to call the cops.

Over to the shiny new headquarters of C.T.U. (Counter Terrorist Unit). It got explodipated in the last series so they had to build a new one. I think it’s a studio set really.

Now I don’t know this for a fact, but as I can’t use a mobile phone in a hospital, library, police station or even some pubs, I think it’s a pretty safe bet that you wouldn’t be allowed to use them to take personal calls from terrorists in a top-security establishment such as CTU. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Similarly, I don’t know whether they’ve got a work dress code but I suspect that bird wearing a sleeveless little black party dress and sky-high heels was stretching the rules a bit.

I’ll overlook the fact that Jack, even though he doesn’t work for the Government anymore, is allowed into CTU without clearance and walks round like he owns the place, because you know he going to save the day single-handedly. And that makes it OK.

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