BB’s Shit List, Pt.4

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  • Toilet RollPeople who just use a fork to eat with and cut their food up with the edge of it. No – that’s what a knife is for. Use the fucker.
  • Peeling eggs – the original wrap rage?
  • Shoppers who buy margarine because it tastes just like butter. Buy friggin’ butter then!
  • Drivers who buy a SatNav and then ignore them because they ‘know a better way’. Why didn’t you keep that couple of hundred quid in your pocket then, because ‘it’s cheaper?’
  • Legwarmers. What the hell are they all about?
  • People who drink out of bottles. Another uncouth American-led habit. Use a glass, you fuckin’ slob.
  • Gok Wan. Twat.

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