Bin day blues.

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Today was bin day. I remember once upon a time when we had proper bins. Corrugated metal ones with a lid and two handles. We used to keep them down the back yard, out of the way. Every week on bin day the dustman would come, lift the bin deftly over his shoulder, walk the bin to the dustcart and empty it. Then he would bring the bin back and replace it exactly where it came from.

Nowadays, we have plastic bins. With wheels on. We have to put them out front ourselves, at the side of the road, all ready for the bin man to wheel it all of about six feet to the back of the lorry, where it is magically lifted by levers and automatically emptied, no effort required.

The poor old dustmen do this to my bin once a fortnight now, not weekly. I think the least they could do is put the bin back where they found it. Not half way down THE FUCKING ROAD!!!

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