Bowls of wood???

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I’m out of work at the moment and every time the little lady walks out the door on her way to work I must admit that I do feel little pangs of guilt (now and then). So, yesterday I decided I’d better do my bit and make an effort to help around the house. I’d do the vacuuming and dusting.

Now, it’s not exactly hard work, but fuck is it fiddly!. By fiddly, I mean all those bloody ornaments scattered all over the house. They all have to be moved to dust underneath them, then all dusted individually as well.

And there’s loads of them – I counted 103 to be precise, all without function. Lanterns, candles, pictures, dolls, bottles, bowls of dried wood. Bowls of dried wood!!! What the fuck’s all that about?

Well, I did it this time, but that’s dusting ruled out of my life from now on. If she wants to keep bowls of dried wood, she can dust ’em herself.

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  1. I though bowl were made of a special material called Traffolite???
    Nowt to do the that twat who lives down the lane.

    How obscure?

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