Hats off to the Tributes

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Now I know I’m best at being grumpy, but I do like a good larf now and then, believe it or not.

I recently listened to Rick Wakeman on his Planet Rock radio show, on which there was a request for listeners to phone in to the show with the funniest names for Tribute bands. Some of these had me in stitches, so before I forget them, I thought I’d share with you here.

First up, a couple of ordinary but clever ones:

Then some where they are named after the band’s frontman:

Then a selection of foreign tribute bands:

  • French Kiss
  • Colorado Beatles
  • Argentina Turner
  • LA Doors
  • Boston Stranglers
  • Dieppe Purple
  • Islamabad Company
  • Iran Duran
  • Bat Out of Hull

Then the best of them all, an Ike and Tina Turner tribute named… ‘I Can Turn a Corner’

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