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In a mad half hour down the pub today, we were discussing the difference between an Ass and a Mule. Don’t know? Well, I’ll tell you.

An ass is the same as a donkey, a mule is a cross between a (male) donkey and a (female) horse.

Then we got to thinking what other crosses you could have and came up with some interesting equine cross-combinations…

  • Mule/horse = Morse
  • Horse/donkey = Honky
  • Mule/ass = Mass
  • Mule/donkey = Monkey
  • Horse/ass/donkey = Hanky
  • Mule/ass/donkey = Manky

Bringing a Zebra into the (ahem,) mix we could get…

  • Zebra/donkey = Zonky
  • Mule/ass/zebra/donkey = Mazy

There must be many more amusing combos. Add yours to the list!

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