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So, I’m in the process of starting a business with a couple of mates at the moment (yes, I do have mates – well, two of them anyway), and some of the shit we’ve had to take from the Council is just ridiculous. The hoops we’ve jumped through to get the plans passed fall just short of dropping to the knees and unzipping, but I’ll not go into that.

Imagine then, the frustration when you see what other people get away with around the town, supposedly controlled by the same Council. People openly flaunting the planning regulations everywhere you look. For example; Putting plastic windows and doors in listed buildings, erecting make-shift signs and my favourite hate, the positioning of satellite dishes.

Just walk down my road in any direction and there’s dozens of dishes on houses that break planning regulations. I bet there are on your road too. Dishes on the front of the house, just above head height. Not where they should be, but where it’s easiest and cheapest for the installer to put them. Bloody Sky TV. Not only that, some houses have two of them, one being half the size of Jodrell Bank. I think that’s so all the foreigners around here can watch their own telly and/or porn. Fair play!

The point I’m trying to make here is how the Council seem to have double standards, making businesses like mine and others adhere to the letter of the rules, yet letting other people openly ignore them. All they’d have to do to get out of the financial shit is walk down my end of town and fine everyone with a satellite dish in the wrong place 50 quid. Bastards.

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  1. Councils – don't talk to me about Councils – I hate them in fact I bet I could out whinge you on this subject.

    The reason these dishes are not subject to planning permission is that it has never been applied for by the householder. If they don't ask, the Council don't know and they don't bother to find out (it's too much work for these poor little underpaid soles – yeah right). They will only take action if someone complains and lets face it who wants to get involved in all that bureaucracy these days – you could die of old age before the Council did anything useful – they aren't there to help anyone except themselves to taxpayers money. As regards your business unfortunately you can't risk not informing the Council of your plans here unless you fancy the idea of a trip to jail??

  2. Dear Mr Pissed off (not a bastard),

    I hate to argue (well, I don't actually), but dishes ARE subject to planning regs. As you say, it just hasn't been applied for. But that doesn't make it right, does it?

    Prison, eh? Hmmm… does that mean I might get rodgered by Mr. Big in the showers?

    Anyway, you sound too posh to argue with. Anyone who can spell bewroc, berak, boorock, er, red tape is going to be much more cleverer than me.

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