Lovees, Dahlings

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Well, the awards season has come round again. That time of the year when all  the over paid, over privileged, kissy-faced, ego bloated tossers that make up the film industry give themselves a pat on the back. Last night it was the Golden Globes.

Now I don’t watch award ceremonies because what really hacks me off is the way all of the winners, without exception, praise everybody else they’ve ever worked with.

Am I to believe that, in the history of film making, there’s never been a cross word between members of the cast? Or nobody’s had a little tantrum because they didn’t get choccy biccies with their tea during a break in filming? Yet everybody was ‘wonderful’ or gave a ‘marvelous performance’ or was a ‘lovely, caring person’.

Come on, tell it how it is. Dish the dirt: ‘Julia Roberts – what an annoying shit she was!’ or ‘Mel Gibson – the arrogant twat.’ If they made speeches like that, I might be tempted to tune in.

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