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Pleeeease – fuck off dancing

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This is getting beyond a joke now. Yet another friggn’ dance show is starting… ‘Dancing on Wheels’ supposedly gives wheelchair users the chance to show off their ballroom prowess. Only they’re not actually dancing, are they? Because they can’t. More like they’re wheeling around the floor whilst some fit, scantily-clad tart cavorts around them.

Now I know you can’t stop disabled people from dancing, even if they can’t, because that’s just wrong. And I suppose TV has to show they’re doing their bit for the cause. But this got me thinking about other possible themes for dance shows and I came up with some quite exciting ideas.

What about ‘Blindman’s La Bamba’, ‘Epilepsy on Ice’, ‘Synchronised Spastics’ or ‘Formation Fuckwits’. Methinks they would be much more entertaining than all the shite dance shows that they’re showing on the box now. You could even have a unification show at the end of each series to find the Supreme Champion: ‘Epileptics v Spastics – Dance ’til You Drop – The Showdown’.

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