By gum, they’ve finally got it!

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Well, I noticed a lot of the press reported last week about local councils getting together to persuade the multi-million pound chewing gum industry to help clean up its own filth from our town’s streets. I had a moan about this on this blog nearly four years ago. Finally, someone’s caught on! It ain’t gonna make any difference though. Apparently …

Chewing gum on the pavement making my town look like a shit-hole

By gum

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Chewing gum. What a foul-arsed habit that is! Look around your town. It’s on the pavements everywhere. What makes the inconsiderate fuckwits who use this stuff think it’s OK to gob it out onto the pavement and leave it where it lands? Never heard of dustbins, shit-for-brains? The photo here was taken on a side street in my town. Not …