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Back to the TV show I love to hate… Sky’s ’24’. This programme is stupid, unfeasible, unbelievable and totally unmissable! I love to watch it and see how many faults I can pick with it. It keeps me going all week.

One of the bits I picked up on in this week’s episode, and I’m sure it’s not just confined to ’24’, is that everybody responds to an important piece of information with the word ‘what?’.

For example… “The president’s just been kidnapped”… “What?”

Or “Terrorists have detonated a nuke in L.A.”… “What?”

Or “Somebody’s just pinched your last Rolo”… “What?”… “I SAID SOMEONE’S JUST NICKED YOUR LAST FUCKING ROLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!”.

Jeez! Methinks it’s time to fit Jack Bauer up with a hearing aid.

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