.99 – What’s that all about?

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Go shopping anywhere in the UK and almost everything is priced £XX.99 – what the hell is all that about? It sounds less? So saying ‘twelve ninety-nine’ sounds less than ‘thirteen’ does it? Bollocks it does!

And think of some of the implications in this pricing mentality: How much small change swaps hands unecessarily? And how many holes in pockets have had to be fixed because of it? How much bigger do all the price tags have to be to accommodate the extra .99 – twice as big?… and twice as much ink used to print them!

Apart from that, how stupid is it getting just a penny change from £150 after buying say, a camera, for £149.99. Keep the sodding change. Or better still, just bring out a fucking 99p coin!

I think the only thing to cost 99p should be an ice cream with a flake in it.

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