BB’s Shit List, Pt.3

BoldBelvoirWhinge 5 Comments

  • Calling it a ‘near miss’ when two aeroplanes nearly hit each other. No, they did miss. It should be called a ‘near hit’.
  • Any twat that wears a baseball cap. Especially back-to-front. And with tracky bottoms on.
  • Posers that wear sunglasses indoors. Or wear them on the top of their heads. Cunts!
  • Pricks who say ‘my bad’. What kind of English is that? Oh no, sorry… It’s American.
  • Drivers who stop at traffic lights in that red bit with a three foot high bicycle painted on it – big fuckin’ clue what it’s there for – and then give you the dead eye when you go up the inside of them on your bike.
  • Politicians. Blah blah blah blah…
  • Tourettes Syndrome. Or any other fucking shit wank condition that doesn’t really fuck wank stain bastard exist but shit bastard fuck cunt is used as an excuse for bollock tossers to behave in a big nob unacceptable piss flaps manner.
  • Smokers that say they are ‘trying to give up’. You’ve got one in your gob – You’re not actually trying, are you?

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  1. Loony council idea!!!

    Since when did a bike need the full width of the carriageway?

    Has anyone ever seen a bike use one of these?

    Most of them just peddle through the lights on red!

  2. Does anyone know how much it costs us all to paint the roads with all this flippin red paint? Why is it red? Is it to cover up the bloodstains from all those ignorant cyclists who go through the lights on red?

    And no I ain't a bastard Mr Beaver!

  3. I've heard it's a bit more than that Belvoir and I think they should use green paint myself it more relaxing on your eye and its much more in keeping with all these “green” policies these daft councils tend to come up with.

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