BB’s Shit List, Pt.1

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Inspired by the grumpiness of Mick Moonshine in my previous post, I’ve decided to create my own Shit List. How’s this for starters…

  • That black guy on the tele who says “Red Tomaaaatoooes”. Change the fuckin’ record!
  • Folks who look inside their sandwich before taking a bite. Ain’t that why food hygiene standards were thought up?
  • Pseudo-intellectuals who make ” ” marks in the air with their fingers. Or any tosser that does it, for that matter.
  • People who say “Absolutely” in response to a statement or question. I think this one includes most of the Earth’s population, actually.
  • Drivers who don’t think it’s necessary to indicate at roundabouts. Ignorant bastards.
  • Drinkers who stand at the bar, blissfully unconcerned about the fact that you (that’s me, mainly) can’t get served. Ignorant bastards.
  • Anyone who appears on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. And the theme music for it. Kill me now… Aaaaaarrrrgh!!!
  • Ex-celebs that do really pants TV commercials for insurance companies because they can no longer get proper jobs. Get some friggin’ self respect innit?
  • Proud new parents who constantly change the subject around to baby stuff and bore you shitless with all the details, right down to the colour of nappy contents. Please shut up or fuck off. I’m not remotely interested.
  • Sad fucks that maintain blogs, especially ones about being grumpy. Errrr…

Lots more to come.

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