The Holywood Swallow.

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Who shall I have a go at today? I know! Those idiots who throw their heads back when swallowing an aspirin or some such other pill. What the fuck’s all that about?

“Oooh, it’s hard to get down”, I’m told. Bollocks! An aspirin’s about as small as you can get (except for a microdot… so I’m told!). What about when you’ve a gob full of mashed potato at the dinner table? – You don’t keep on throwing your head back every time you swallow, like some sort of demented lizard or a blood-crazed T.Rex off Jurassic Park.

No, I think you’ve seen it on telly. I think it’s a Hollywood swallow, designed so that viewers actually know that the actor is supposed to be swallowing something. The same kind of point that I made about Hollywood gun holding in my previous post. Bloody Yanks. They’ve a lot to answer for.

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