Personal service is officially dead.

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And this is why…

My oven died yesterday and I took it to the oven graveyard (well, it probably ends up in India or China somewhere, but the local dump’s just a bit nearer for me). I go to buy a new one at Currys on the way home.

  • Enter Currys for a new oven.
  • Select oven No.1 – “Sorry, that’s out of stock”.
  • Select oven No.2 – “Sorry, that’s out of stock”.
  • Select oven No.3 (getting more expensive every time)
    • Assistant: “Yes, we have 24 of those”
    • Me: “Great, I’ll take one”.
    • Assistant: “They’re at the warehouse, I’ll have to order it and get it delivered to you”.
    • Me: “Free delivery?”.
    • Assistant: “No, £22”. (Or something similar)
    • Me: “Have it delivered to the shop and I’ll pick it up, I only live ’round the corner”.
    • Assistant: “Can’t do that”.
    • Me: “Goodbye”.

I just ordered the same oven online for £70 cheaper with free delivery. So thanks to Currys attitude today, I saved 90 quid. Cheers.

But doesn’t that reflect the state of the big stores nowadays? For example, my disappointing recent shopping experiences include:

  • Currys – They don’t sell curries.
  • Boots – they don’t sell boots.
  • Selfridges – they don’t sell fridges.
  • Virgin Megastore – well, what a fucking let down they were!

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