New cooker hood

Standard fitting? My arse!

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So, the extractor hood in the kitchen dies. Off we go down to the electrical store to get a replacement. There’s a nice shiny replacement available for a reasonable price. On the box it says ‘Standard Fitting’, which I naïvely mistook for ‘old hood comes down, new hood goes in its place’. But no. Now, if I’d been writing the …

Dead lazy…

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Dead bird found in bag of salad? Here’s an idea – buy some salad stuff fresh off the market and make the fucker yourself. Idle git!

Hats off to the Tributes

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Now I know I’m best at being grumpy, but I do like a good larf now and then, believe it or not. I recently listened to Rick Wakeman on his Planet Rock radio show, on which there was a request for listeners to phone in to the show with the funniest names for Tribute bands. Some of these had me …


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A couple of nights ago I watched a boy, maybe 7 or 8 years old, kicking an empty bottle around the pavement, while (presumably) his mother watched on in silence. The bottle predictably fell into the gutter and smashed. “You fucking twat!” shouted the mother. I couldn’t have put it better myself. What a wonderful society we have become.