Zombie City

The end of the World, as we know it?

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…so go the lyrics of the REM song. It’s a long time since I’ve posted on this blog, so I thought I’d do an update now I’ve a bit of time owing to the enforced ‘holiday’ most of us are having at the moment. Surreal times indeed! Who’d have thought, only a month ago, that most of the world would …

Beertastico Roma!

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Right, this isn’t a normal GOTBlog post as it’s about my recent visit to Rome. As it’s supposed to be a grumpy blog I’ll get the whingy bits out of the way and then post some nice bits for a change! First up, Rome is old, old, old. A bit like me. And needs a bit of TLC. A bit …

By gum, they’ve finally got it!

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Well, I noticed a lot of the press reported last week about local councils getting together to persuade the multi-million pound chewing gum industry to help clean up its own filth from our town’s streets. I had a moan about this on this blog nearly four years ago. Finally, someone’s caught on! It ain’t gonna make any difference though. Apparently …


Horsin’ around

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In a mad half hour down the pub today, we were discussing the difference between an Ass and a Mule. Don’t know? Well, I’ll tell you. An ass is the same as a donkey, a mule is a cross between a (male) donkey and a (female) horse. Then we got to thinking what other crosses you could have and came …

No Coming Back!

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Apparently the Mars One Project (www.mars-one.com), a one-way mission to Mars with no hope of return, has attracted a total 202,586 volunteers wanting to make the journey of a lifetime. This number will be whittled down to a shortlist of just 40 from which the four lucky (?) candidates will be chosen to then undertake seven years of intensive training, …

New cooker hood

Standard fitting? My arse!

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So, the extractor hood in the kitchen dies. Off we go down to the electrical store to get a replacement. There’s a nice shiny replacement available for a reasonable price. On the box it says ‘Standard Fitting’, which I naïvely mistook for ‘old hood comes down, new hood goes in its place’. But no. Now, if I’d been writing the …